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Vegetables and fruits are usually touted for their health benefits. If you want to know which items from these food groups can help you with your teeth, we are happy to briefly share a few of them with you.

If you are looking for ways to clean your teeth, eating some apples may give you a little extra boost. Their crunchiness can make them just a little tougher to chew, which is how they can help you. Chewing can induce more saliva to be sent to the mouth. Saliva helps keep the teeth clean of acids and food debris, and you can clear out more by bringing in more saliva.

Apples are not unique in this case. Vegetables like carrots and celery also have a crunch to them, which means chewing them can call up more saliva. Having some variety can be good for you.

Other options that can literally be brought to the table are spinach and kale. They belong to the same family, which is often called leafy greens, and they can offer some extra calcium for you. Calcium is very good for your teeth because that is one of the things your enamel is built from.

There are many other foods and ways you can use to help your teeth out. If you would like to learn more, you are welcome to visit our office in Flintstone, Georgia. Our dentist, Dr. Kenneth Pilgrim, can help you figure out what your teeth specifically need. In order to set up a visit, feel free to call 706-820-0413.