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It is never pleasant to wake up with morning breath. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be embarrassing and may seem hard to get a handle on. In order to understand how to manage morning breath, it is important to understand how it occurs in the first place.

Here at Kenneth Pilgrim in Flintstone, Georgia, our team understands that morning breath can be hard to manage and wants to provide you with the tips and tools necessary to combat it. Saliva is one of the main fighters against bad breath because it slows the production of smelly chemicals that mouth bacteria actively work to produce. The problem is, that while you sleep, saliva production slows and mouth bacteria are essentially given free reign to convert food particles into the smelly acids that produce plaque and that stale odor that you hate.

Luckily, our dentist, Dr. Kenneth Pilgrim, and our capable hygienists can give you a professional teeth cleaning and can guide you to other products that help prevent and combat bad breath.

Some ways to prevent morning halitosis are:

– Smoking: Smoking is of course incredibly bad for the body and should be avoided, but it is also a root cause of bad morning breath. There are many smoking substitutes and methods of quitting.

– Hydration: Staying hydrated is an important contributor to saliva production. Keeping a bottle of water on your nightstand is a good way lessen the power of the bad breath-causing bacteria.

– Mouthwash: Using mouthwash can help keep your gums healthy and eliminate bad breath as it kills the bacteria and washes away food particles that cause bad breath.

– Tongue scraper: Tongue scrapers are just another way you can eliminate pesky halitosis-causing bacteria and can be carried with you and used throughout the day.

These and methods and more can help you stay on top of your morning breath, which will enable you to have more confidence in your smile. If you have any more questions about morning halitosis call at 706-820-0413 to schedule an appointment or a dental cleaning. We anxiously await your next visit to our office and are happy to help with all your oral health care needs.